How To Marry A Rich Man

Are you wondering how to marry rich?  There are a lot of rich men out there but many women don’t know how to go about finding them.  Connecting with a rich men and marrying them can change your life forever.  Use these tips to help yourself find and marry a rich men.

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Forget About Your Looks

You may be afraid that your looks won’t attract a rich man.  Forget about it.  You need to be confident in your looks no matter your appearance.  Most of the time with rich men the looks of a woman aren’t what matter.  They want someone who is confident.  The big names on Wall Street and big lawyers got to where they are because they have confidence in what they do.

Treat your other traits that way.  Rock what you’ve got, and ignore the rest.  Pretend like you don’t care about it.  Chances are that after a while of telling yourself that it doesn’t matter, it won’t.

Don’t Be High Maintenance

Television gives off the stereotype that rich men want high maintenance women.  This is not true.  Do your best to not come off as high maintenance.  Go for somewhere in between high maintenance and low maintenance.

Rich Men Dating Sites

There are a variety of rich men dating websites.  It is best to find a rich men dating site that is not oriented towards sugar daddies.  Sugar daddy websites tend to be for people who are looking for looser attachments.  Look for a dating website that is more geared towards long term connections.

You can also use a dating website like OkCupid that hosts people of all kinds.  There is no theme to the website besides the fact that they are all people looking for relationships.  They use profiles and questionnaires to make matches.

Don’t Be A Jerk About It

Most men don’t want to marry a woman who is going to be snobby when it comes to finding the right rich husband.  While being forthcoming about wanting to marry a rich man there is no need to snobbishly state “I only date rich men.”  You can ask the following questions to help find a rich husband:

  • What is your job?
  • What kind of car do you have?
  • Do you travel a lot?
  • How many pairs of shoes do you have? (richer men tend to have more shoes)
  • Do you have your own house?

While these questions alone won’t determine if a man is rich, they will help to narrow it down.

Attend The Right Events

Find local events that rich people would attend is a great way to meet rich people.  You don’t have to be rich to attend most of them.  Charitable fund-raisers tend to attract the richer crowd for example.  Mingle around the crowd and ask some of the questions from the previous heading.

Along the same lines of thinking, joining local clubs and organizations can help you.  Boating and yacht clubs are often homes to rich people.  Tennis clubs and golf clubs are also good places to look.

Become an Expert

Find something that you are good at no matter what it is.  It could be knitting for all it matters.  Being an expert at something not only gives you talking points but it gives you bragging points.  Many people seek what they don’t have and being an expert in something that your potential rich man isn’t will be alluring to him.  Rich men also want what they don’t have.  Be that something that they don’t have.

Educate Yourself

Along the same lines as being an expert you want to be educated.  Almost all rich people have a highly educated background.  You want to be able to impress them with your knowledge.  If you can afford to go to college do so.  If not there are still plenty of options.  Websites like Coursera and TED allow you to improve your knowledge base.  Reading the news and blogs will also help you to gain new knowledge.

Get Cultural Experience

While you probably can’t afford to travel all over the world you can still become cultured.  Attending cultural events such as art events, music events, and more will help you experience different cultures from around the world.  Rich men love a woman who knows about the world.

If you want to know how to marry rich men use each of these tips to make you an eligible selection for a rich man.  Adding a little bit of being yourself will help too.